Last Updated: October, 2019
by David King

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If content is the king, then design is definitely the queen. Both are incomplete without each other.

Words will lose its worth if they have no place to fit into and the designs will be useless if you have no content to complement the design with.

So, let’s find out who is more important…

Words and Designs are CUSTOMER ATTRACTIONS

Now and again people contemplate whether it’s smarter to quintessence your endeavours on having awesome site content, or that you should consider the outline of your site. The reality is that both of these aspects are very important. And they work together.

Most of the time when people visit the website, they hardly think about its elements.

For them, the copy of the site or user experience doesn’t matter. However, these features matter as a whole package.

Remember, someone visiting your website may not be interested in its technical aspects, but they are still interested in how it looks.

They will look for easy navigation, eye-catching designs and wonderful content.

They definitely don’t want to struggle much in your site. So, make sure that your customers are attracted to your website and content, you need to offer something which attracts them.

Get up from your couch and start planning!

Audience is King

Wait!! Do not plan just like that. Think carefully about your audience and then come up with a content strategy which appeals your audience.

To make a perfect content strategy, first find out a few answers.

  • What people are looking for in your site?
  • Will they prefer instant information?
  • Or would they look for deep research?

Sit with your team and understand what your customers need and then draft the best possible content and design for them. Do not make and write something just like that, but to retain your prospects.

Focus is Key

Web design and content work side by side
Hand holding a lightbulb on dartboard sketched blackboard

A website without a focus is vague. It is essential for you to focus on your target audience.

It should meet the expectations of your target audience. Your content should be the best guide for your visitors. Make sure they do not have to struggle much with the information. All important information should be available to them just with a click. Try not to distract from its focus.

Just keep this in mind that structure of your site should let visitors navigate smoothly.

Image and Words  =  Responsive website

If you have not arranged a meeting with your designers and writers together, then we are sorry for your website. These two aspects are totally dependent on each other for their work. They influence each other and then comes out the best result.

The website design will lead people to read some sections of the site easily. You can effortlessly draw people to your content by getting the site designed accordingly. So, think while using the images and make your content more legible.

Target a Call to Action

Your aim is to make your business grow. So, your target should be a clear call to action on your site. Find out what do want from your visitors. Do you want them to contact you? Do you want them to buy online?

So, whatever your plan is, your website should have that call to action button clear. Now, all you need to do is combine website design and well-written content to create a powerful site to grow your business.

If you have any questions or thoughts always feel free to reach out.

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