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Physical distancing due to COVID-19 has meant that many of us are unable to be in the office. Times are hard, but the show must go on!

A successful virtual meeting is a breeze with many great new technological forums.

Here are our top ten tips on how to facilitate enjoyable and productive virtual meetings.


Top 10 Tips for Successful Virtual Meetings (Grow Your Business with Flinnwest Solutions) Marketing Agency Vancouver White Rock BC Canada


1. If possible, keep the amount of people in a meeting to a minimum, more than twelve people starts to get very confusing for everyone involved. An overcrowded virtual meeting can be an issue if some participants are using the time to zone-out or multi-task.

2. Keep everyone engaged. Productivity doesn’t have to dip when working remotely, when everyone in the meeting is involved and contributing. Make sure that whoever is running the meeting is calling on everyone to speak throughout.

3. As in regular business practices, a facilitator of a meeting is important. Someone to run through talking points and keep everyone on track, especially if the group is on the larger side.

4. Cut off meetings after a manageable amount of time. Focus starts to wane after about an hour, so keep things moving and on point.

5. Make sure that everyone is familiar with the meeting technology before the start time. There is nothing worse than having to wait fifteen minutes for a few people that are not prepared and don’t have a grasp of the meeting application.

6. Keep your surroundings tidy and clutter free, remember that everyone can see the room that you are calling from and it is still important to maintain professionalism throughout your call.

7. Keep a regular schedule. Generally, people are most alert in the morning and function well with routine. Keep regular morning meetings as you would in the office.

8. Try to minimize excessive noise in your surroundings.. Ensure that everyone can hear you and are not distracted by noise in your home.

9. Use video during virtual meetings when possible. Video connections are ideal because they foster engagement. Communication functions better when we can read each other’s body language and facial expressions. If a strong internet connection is not possible, allow staff members the option to dial into the meeting.

10. Receive feedback in real time and tackle the tough issues. Treat the virtual meeting just like you would in person. Discuss everything that needs to be touched upon, do not put off speaking about a topic because you feel it might be better broached in person (circumstances have made it impossible to know when our next in-person meetings will be, so deal with it now instead). 


We’re all learning as we go with distanced interactions, but with careful planning and intentional engagement, our virtual meetings can be every bit as successful as in-person ones.

One day soon we’ll again get to share bagels and coffee together, but for now our screens do not have to be a detriment to our business productivity.


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