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It’s no secret that attention spans aren’t long these days. Since most individuals prefer video content, user engagement with this form is much higher than other types of content.

Video marketing is a major trend, and we will only see it grow in popularity.

Thanks to mobile devices, faster internet and the emergence of TikTok, it is much easier to produce video content than ever before.

It’s one thing to have an incomparable story, but it’s quite another (and much more challenging) to convey that narrative and vision to prospective partners, investors and customers.
So the question becomes, how can your brand use video to its advantage?


What Is An Explainer Video?


An explainer video is a short video that companies use to succinctly introduce themselves and their brand’s core offering, explain what they do, and how they will help solve their customers’ problems.

In the span of a few minutes, you can make a memorable impact on your audience and help provide them with the vital knowledge they need to make a decision.

It is best to aim between 90 seconds and 3 minutes for an explainer video.

The details should be limited to the most critical aspects you wish to highlight about your business.

While most opt for an explainer video that provides an overview of the company, other styles also include a product and service overview or meet-the-team.

Despite which type of explainer video you select, the advantages listed below can help amplify your video marketing strategy.

Explainer Video Benefits - Demonstrating Problems and Solutions

1. Demonstrating Problems and Solutions

Since video advances linearly over time, you can demonstrate a chain of potentiality from problem to solution.

Illustrating how the goods or services meet consumer demand is highly beneficial for increasing conversions.


Improving Customer Conversion Rates

2. Improve Website Conversion Rates

Up to 85% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product if they first see an explainer video.

More than 80% of people prefer to watch videos to finalize the decision process regarding a particular product or service.

Customers have grown to enjoy animated videos as a means of entertainment because they offer a better user experience.

Most individuals won’t take the time out to search your website for information.

Instead, you can make the sale on the landing page by using your explainer video.

Utilizing this approach allows you to sell your product or service in as little as 1-2 minutes.


Better SEO Rankings

3. Better Website SEO Rankings

If you have a video on your website, you’re 50 times more likely to be shown on the first page of Google’s search results. Additionally, your video is 41% more likely to be clicked than a text link, as a video thumbnail appears to be more enticing.

Increasing your search ranking ability allows more prospective clients to find you.

Search engines have a significant impact in the modern age. We turn to technology to answer our questions, whether they’re simple or complex, on platforms such as Google or YouTube.

Video plays a major role in this. Users prefer to watch videos when learning about something. Search engines such as Google recognize this preference and reward websites that promote videos. In fact, video boosts organic traffic from search engine result pages (SERPs) by 157%.

Attaching an explainer video to your website or social media can stretch a potential consumer or investor’s duration on your page or website.

Unlike images or text copy that can be scrolled, animation encourages users to spend more time on a website.


Increasing Brand Awareness and Loyalty

4. Increasing Brand Awareness & Loyalty

Animated explainer videos can create a lasting brand awareness strategy in addition to helping your product or service build a long-term brand identity.

Your brand’s identity is tied to many factors such as the visual aesthetics, colour scheme, script, unique voice-over and the characters included in the video.

Through the use of an explainer video, you can let your brand’s personality shine and speak for you.

It should not take business years to connect with its target audience. Animated explainer videos can help bridge this gap.


Closing Sales Leader Faster

5. Faster Sales Turnaround for Potential Leads

Everyone is pressed for time in today’s fast-paced world. An explainer video gives a potential consumer or investor a high-level overview of your business, helping them move more quickly and decide whether they’re interested in proceeding with your product or service.

A key benefit of explainer videos is that they cannot be oversold.

It is recommended that your explainer video is no longer than 3 minutes.

Through experience and creativity, you can condense a tremendous amount of content in that short timeframe.

Although writing concisely can be challenging, the result is a message that can hit home with your audience.


Helping and Figuring out Hard Problems

6. Helping Deconstruct Complex Ideas

Complicated topics such as artificial intelligence and antibody therapy can easily be tackled and explained through an animated video.

Animation allows businesses to deconstruct abstract ideas into clear images and scenes, making information easier to comprehend.

Our visual perception is 80% memory and 20% input through the eyes.

Additionally, only 10% of individuals retain the information they hear, demonstrating how vital, relevant visuals can help your company engage with your viewers more effectively.


Perfect Speaking Pitch

7. Delivering Your Perfect Pitch. Every. Time.

Pitches must be compelling, memorable and concise, but are often hard to create.

However, with an explainer video, you can be confident that you’re giving your audience the perfect pitch every time.

It doesn’t require you to be there because they can view it at any time of the day, in any part of the world.

You can bring it to meetings, use it on your website, social media, or even email marketing campaigns.

Once you have mastered your animated explainer video, you can use it anywhere and don’t have to worry about messing up your proposal ever again.

Explainer videos can help your business combine audio and visual stimuli to explain a concept clearly and intuitively. Instead of just using audio or text, they use both, which has been proven to improve message retention.

It’s always a good idea to tell a story whenever you can.

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