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Are you thinking about promoting your business on social media to ideally reach new customers and improve your company branding? but don’t know how to hit the right spot or grab your target customers attention?

While everyone knows that digital marketing and social media are important, many do not take the time to build a correct digital marketing strategy. 

The business industry and target market are two very important factors when considering which social media platforms to use.  Below are six of the more influential social media outlets used today.  




Leading Social media currently with 2.27 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become the largest social media platform to reach your target markets or customers. Facebook is one of the most accessible platforms to manage ads and campaigns for your business.

Through Facebook Audience Insights, you are able to collect information about your follower’s demographics, interests, and behaviors. The targeted ad options and Facebook chatbot empowers you to target a particular audience which is more likely to lead to conversions.

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The second largest search engine in the world, YouTube is owned by Google and currently has 1.57 billion monthly active users. It offers a tremendous opportunity to share your companies videos with over 30+ million users daily.

Whether it is a short tutorial video or a company profile it is always important to consider that what you are sharing is adding value to someone’s life. The content plus value will always equal engagement.  This is particularly true when dealing with YouTube.




Instagram is a perfect platform to share your pictures, videos, and visual stories. It is owned by Facebook and has 1 billion daily active users. Now the third most popular social media platform for businesses and is growing at a rapid rate.

You can reach maximum people by creating hashtags and sharing product-related videos and images. Interacting and engaging with your customers is an advantage of this platform. It saves your time, and you can push content from here to Twitter and Facebook.




With 336 million monthly active users, Twitter is one of the older social media platforms. It allows you to post photos and videos along with the 280-character copy. Hashtags play a significant role to build momentum for your posts.

If you want to share real-time updates about your business and industry, then this is the platform for you. Just pay attention to research what’s trending and make sure to use ads to stay on top and increase followers.




With 500 million monthly active users LinkedIn focuses on connecting professionals with one another and grow their networks. If your business has a B2B model then this platform can be an excellent instrument for connecting to prospects, leads, and influencers. 

You can share industry-related news and create hiring drives to reach people. Go slow and build relationships and connections.




If your business is image based, then Pinterest is for you. With 250 million users per month, this platform is suitable for companies that want to create a visual appeal.

Whether its food recipes, fashion shoots, wedding lifestyle and new books in the market, Pinterest is all about trends.

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Conclusion: Pick a platform and a plan

As with anything in business, it is important that no matter what venue you are using you make sure that you supply value to your audience.

Being on social media just to post is no strategy. Take the time and come up with a plan. 

Pick the platform that works for you and find your target market, determine how you are going to add value, come up with a plan, and then have fun with it.



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