Last Updated: April, 2019
by James Corrigan

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Often overlooked is the art of communicating a brand or product in a very short time frame. A simple message can often best be conveyed in a quick burst of words and imagery, which can yield outstanding results. This is the art of the 15-second commercial.



Currently, one of the best advertising conversion rates on the internet is the un-skippable 15-second commercials on YouTube. Watch through stats show a 90% completion rate and an extraordinary high click through rate as well. Viewer retention has become a commodity in the 21st century and it is at an all time high as products and services compete for even the smallest amount of screen time.

“Videos can explain information quickly and allow consumers to understand services and products easily. YouTube has more than one billion users, and small businesses should take advantage of this opportunity to engage clients with videos” says PRnewswire in its latest study on video marketing.

The importance of securing your digital media outsourcing has never been more evident in today’s global market environment. Attention is at a premium, and utilizing the art of the 15-second commercial for companies has never been more important; too important to leave to amateurs.


Interactive Question

According to EyeWideDigital, Having a video on your website landing page will increase your conversion rate by what percentage?



Strategies to attract viewers range from challenging questions to outrageous headlines and impossible visual media. This invariably leads to viewer disappointment. The key is to find the very best way to communicate a product’s most positive attributes, in an attention grabbing way, while not overstating the potential of the product. Regardless of your demographic, original eye pleasing imagery combined with attention grabbing audio is the key to captivating audiences and capturing the attention of potential consumers’ interest in 15 seconds or less.

Regardless of if your communication is in text, imagery or audio, the key is to utilize your audiences’ very brief attention span by showing your brand, product, or service in the best possible light. Communicating your companies core values in a succinct, bite sized, digestible piece that resonates with viewers is the goal of the elusive 15-second commercial.

This is where a quality video production service can attract additional clientele and focus your sales funnel to yield the best results. With such a short opportunity, utilizing the creative intelligence of a production company will earn trust in your product, credibility in your sector and a relationship with your consumers. With such a minimal impression opportunity, it is important to deliver a concise, responsible and effective message to build brand awareness and convert interest into sales.

The fifteen second commercial is dedicated to getting the best exposure and brand messaging across to potential customers in an efficient, eye appealing, progressive manner that resonates with potential clientele. This can be a difficult task, and enlisting the help of professionals to realize your goals is an important step in getting the most effective call to action for your business.

Qualified and competent production companies will focus on the essence of a product, communicate the wow factor efficiently to consumers and entice interest towards your brand.

This is why the consultation of professionals should be at any business owners forethought when developing their own 15-second commercial. In such a very tight, ad specific and condensed advertising medium, the conveyance of your message efficiency is essential.


The art of the 15-second commercial


As a business owner, you are in charge of many aspects of your company, the pressure to create a 15 second, impactful, resonating and educational video can be overwhelming. Leaving it to a group of organized, experienced and dedicated professionals taps the most powerful resource, creativity.

Finding the right key to unlock the potential of your company relies on creative, outside the box thinking to attract customers beneficial to you. Letting professionals exercise creative freedom to entice product attraction makes the most of your marketing investment, and generates reputation and digital profile that builds brand awareness.

The 15-second commercial is an art form that can generate financial success or ruin. With the right flair, your product or service could become highly shared and viewed, developing a following that propels your business to success. On the flip side, careless planning and development could easily lead to ruin. Sometimes, it’s just best to leave this endeavor to qualified professionals.


Finding the most effective advertising medium and leveraging it to its fullest potential are two different things. Knowing the limits of your skills and letting professionals utilize advertising parameter’s to yield the best results gives your business the greatest opportunity to succeed. Get to know the art of the fifteen-second commercial so you can deploy the most lucrative, cost effective advertising strategy available today, and find success beyond your wildest expectations.



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