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Everybody has seen a business explainer video, or most commonly known as an advertisement.

It’s difficult to be on the internet for 1 minute without seeing one today.


Because in today’s technological world, it’s one of the most effective tools for advertising and company exposure for many different needs or goals.

Why can it be so effective?

Because successful videos have something to offer viewers, and a reason to stick around to the very end.

Getting viewer engagement is harder than ever before, and short explainer videos can be remarkable for providing information, attention, engagement and higher sales/conversion rates.

Very often, business owners and team leaders know they want an explainer video, but ask the wrong question when it comes to creating this form of content.

  • The first question invariably is how much will it cost?
  • The first question they should be asking is “why?”

Company explainer videos can do many things, but if the question of “Why” isn’t answered at the outset, then your project could be broken from the very start.

Here is an example of a business jam-packing an explainer video or ad all in 15 seconds.



Possible current challenges a good video could solve:

  • A lot of time being spent on the phone explaining the services your business offers.
  • Losing sales because it isn’t immediately clear what you are selling.
  • Low conversion rates on main sales or service webpages.

Regardless of your “why?”, be sure to determine it as quickly as possible before creating your next explainer video project.

Once the “why” is established, moving forward with the next steps can essential.

  • Selecting the right team or production company.
  • Attempt to make your own to keep costs down.
  • Schedule for a project later down the road.

However, this can often lead to some issues with:

  • Creative Strategy
  • Meeting goals
  • Overall pitch
  • Production value (short & long term)
  • Audio
  • Lighting
  • Video quality & editing
  • Additional features (e.g. animation, sound, talent)

Viewers have a number of expectations when it comes to explainer videos, and not meeting all of them will cause your audience to leave before they finish watching your content.

A homemade video can sometimes work, but the production value is extremely important, and going cheap can cost you time and money, never mind brand damage.

As Grady Flinn (CEO & Founder of Flinnwest Solutions) says “Cheap is expensive” 

The good news is, you don’t need to call “Hollywood” to have a professional quality video.

Check out this 15-second ad example from a larger company:



Better yet, it doesn’t require crews and teams of people to get that professional look.

What it does require is a commitment from the business to do their research, create a reasonable budget, and be involved with the creative project.

After all, the business founders normally know their business and customers best, and the key is to integrate the owner’s knowledge into the production experience & design.

Video creative can come down to multiple success categories.

Many successful video ads show these traits:

  • Concise and to the point
  • Demonstrate problems while providing solutions
  • Show first-hand benefits with conviction
  • Display branding and personality
  • Showcase creative strategy

While your viewer may tune in because they need the information you are providing, if your video is neither captivating nor entertaining, your audience will typically tune right out to any future requests.

That is where a quality production department comes in. By not only providing visually appealing shots, high-end audio and overall high production quality, they can also contribute to hitting goals and truly making an entertaining video you can be proud of.



Where should you show your video ad or commercial?

While utilizing your video on your site’s home or landing page is the best case scenario, do not restrict your production to just those media.

There are amazing opportunities on the web that allow you to showcase your videos. Some of the best outlets include: social media, digital advertising networks, email marketing channels/databases, television and or more high-level avenues.


When it comes to creating your own perfect explainer video, remember to ask the most important question first, “Why?”

It’s that very question that will propel your video to the next stages of development and provide the most useful, compelling video possible to not only your future viewers but your company as well.



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