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Every member of our talented team brings their own unique value. And since they may just be the ones helping you grow your business, it’s important that you get to know them, as well! So, we’re proud to present to you: The Flinnwest Solutions team!

This week: Meet Ryan.


What do you do at Flinnwest (title, main duties)?

Investor Relations. The simple explanation is that we promote companies that trade publicly on the stock market, and relay public information to anyone that is interested in becoming involved. This involves all types of communication including customer phone support, emails and webinars.


What made you want to get into your field?

To enhance my sales and customer service portfolio.


Where were you trained (education or experience)?

A combination of entrepreneurial studies, fitness industry sales, and restaurant industry work. 


What do you love about your job?

I enjoy communicating & solving problems with others to create a positive experience for everyone!


Top 3 favourite books/podcasts?

Tim Ferris – Tools of Titans (book)

Chris D’Elia – Congratulations (podcast)

Joe Rogan Experience (podcast)


What’s the best movie of all time?

I like too many genres of movies, but “The Departed” is what first comes to mind!


Do you have a nickname?

My dad called me Hollywood as a kid because I rocked out to every music video on TV. 


Who inspires you?

Keanu Reeves, because no matter how many times life has tried to set him back, he has always persevered and remained the same genuine person.


What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

Anderson Paak at the PNE, summer 2019.


Where’s your favourite place in the whole world?

Muskoka, cottage country North of Toronto. I spent many summers boating, swimming, and camping there. It’s an unforgettable place!



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