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Every member of our talented team brings their own unique value. And since they might just be the ones helping you grow your business, it’s important to us that you get to know them, as well!

So, we’re proud to present to you: The Flinnwest Solutions team!

This week: Meet Mel!



What do you do at Flinnwest (title, main duties)?

I’m a Content Writer. I write and edit blogs, social media calendars, website copy (text), and more for our clients, as well as for us.


What made you want to get into your field?

I’ve always loved writing. The act of taking an abstract idea, organizing it, making sense of it, and then putting it down on paper (or into a computer) for others to read and interpret is very satisfying to me (ugh, I’m a dork)! Writing gives us an opportunity to share a part of ourselves, to empathize, to communicate ideas, and to connect on a level that can be otherwise hard to achieve.


Where were you trained (education or experience)?

I trained myself as an angsty teenager with 10,000 erratic journals. I guess I also got a Diploma in Publishing from Langara College, and an Associate of Arts degree in Creative Writing at Kwantlen University (the teen diaries were the real education though, obviously). Before this job, I was a freelancer, writing articles and essays for different North American magazines and businesses.


What do you love about your job?

I love taking the details a client has provided us and turning them into something that is not only readable, but entertaining and informative, as well. I love working with clients to figure out what it is they want to convey to their audience. I love my co-workers and bosses. I love being able to spend my days reading, editing, and writing. I literally can’t think of a better job than the one I have!


What do you do in your spare time?

I write (of course), but I also co-host a podcast called Obsess Much with my brother, Jeff. I hang with friends and family, I read, I watch dumb shows (Sopranos shout-out!), I rage-out at spin class, I read, I eat food, sit, sometimes stand…


What’s your pet peeve?

Dogs licking people’s faces. WHY would you let that happen? And good god, why would you then post videos or pictures of it on your social media? Get yourself together, man.


Top 3 favourite podcasts?

  1. S-Town
  2. Heavyweight
  3. Talking Sopranos (for real)


What’s the best movie of all time?

Return to Oz, of course.


Do you have a secret talent?

I’m weirdly excellent at recognizing celebrities’ voices in commercials… I don’t know why I would be blessed with this gift, but I accept the honour of being the chosen one.


What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a cashier. It was my ultimate goal (yes, I was that weird). I fulfilled that dream 10x over in my 20s and discovered, amazingly, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.


What advice do you have for people who want to break into the writing sphere?

Read a lot, write a lot (and don’t worry if you think you suck—keep going, get rejected, and never give up). Feel ALL the feelings…don’t be afraid of them (you’ll need to access them regularly). Pay attention to writers you love, and try to emulate them. Don’t doubt yourself—life is MUCH too short for that.




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