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First things first, if you don’t use social media for business growth, start right now! It doesn’t matter if you run a small local shop or even an international company, Social media should be an essential piece of your business marketing strategy.

Social platforms help you increase awareness, connect with customers, personalize your brand, and boost your leads and sales. Use the most out of your social media by creating amazing content.

Check out these six major keys to unlocking social success below.

Complete your profile

This may seem obvious but many still forget, make sure you profile is complete and represents your brand in the exact way you want. Your bio should be quick cheery and concise, it doesn’t have to tell your entire life story.

Make sure your profile has a clear logo with a clickable link to your website or other social accounts.

Create original content

Create Original Content - How To Make The Most Out Of Your Social Posts - FlinnWest Marketing Company Agency Top Best CRM PPC Email Website Design in Vancouver White Rock South Surrey BC

Another thing that may seem obvious but many struggle with is to make sure your content is original. No one enjoys a b-grade rework of something they’ve seen before.

Try to create new unique posts that separate your company from the norm. Be different and create something new that represents your brand.

Be consistent

Consistency is key when creating posts. For your audience to recognize your brand, you always must be consistent. Be consistent with your brand to help create more audience engagement and reach.

From the tone used in messages to the aesthetics of your profiles, you must be recognizable to gain traction among your intended audience.

Be Genuine

Fluffed up content is unfortunately everywhere. People pick up on poor posting pretty quickly. However, when you take a look through your own news feed it may lead you to believe otherwise, people are smarter than ever. It may be hard for you to see the flaws of you work, but it is very easy for others.

People can easily spot a brand being fake and flawed.

As a brand, you need to stay as far away from dishonest content as much as possible. Be honest and real about your product or service whenever you can to alleviate any risk of accidentally showing or promising something that can’t happen.

Be real and personalize your brand with your social media content.


Use Efficient Hashtags

Hashtags - How To Make The Most Out Of Your Social Posts - FlinnWest Marketing Company Agency Top Best CRM PPC Email Website Design in Vancouver White Rock South Surrey BC

The best way to turn other users into your followers is to extend your posts reach with the use of Hashtags. A hashtag is a label essentially just the label for your content.

It helps others who are interested in a similar topic, quickly find your content. Choosing the right hashtags can be difficult, low character count, high use rate and relevance to your post is all important.

There is no correct number of hashtags its all preference depending on your goals, we suggest between 5-8 tags with a character count around 6-10.

Cross Post

This is one of the largest and most important parts of posting.

Always post on all your available social networks; cross-posting is one of the most effective ways to increase your reach with no additional cost.

Posting on social media is free, so if you’re going to do one, you might as well do all of them.


Always Re Post 

Most followers on most networks won’t see all of your posts, let alone multiple times. This makes makes resharing essential in maximizing every post’s potential of being seen. When you reshare your post, use new hashtags and titles to expose your content to a different demographics. We suggest you reshare a post around six months after the original post date, and never share a single post more than three times in a year to keep your page fresh.



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