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Founded in 2008, Hootsuite is currently a very popular social media management tool in the marketing industry which allows you to compose, schedule and post to any of your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, WordPress etc. all from one place, the Hootsuite dashboard.

It has become the first choice of digital marketing companies to make their working system efficient and organized.

Being a qualified Digital Marketing professional, I am always aware of the continuously increasing importance of having a positive social media presence.

Last month I completed my Hootsuite Platform Certification with an 85% score and would love to share my experience with you.

Hootsuite has been revamping its education services over the last few years. Recently, Hootsuite Podium was replaced by Hootsuite Academy. In this academy, a Hootsuite Platform Certification was introduced to replace Hootsuite University.

The Hootsuite Platform Certification Course is comprised of two chapters and the certification exam:


Is The Hootsuite Platform Certification Worthwhile?


The course discusses all the aspects of the Hootsuite Platform. If you use the Hootsuite services in your daily professional life, then you can pass the exam very easily. But I would personally suggest watching the videos anyway because it brushes up your knowledge of the Hootsuite dashboard and other features.

The first chapter “The Fundamentals of using Hootsuite” focuses on the Hootsuite features of scheduling and posting on social media accounts seamlessly. It explains how you can set up a Hootsuite dashboard, composer, streams and tabs to engage with your audience quickly and easily. The Hootsuite Hootlet feature allows you to share content from anywhere on the web. This saves you time from browsing and selecting pages you want to share.

Further, this chapter discusses the Hootsuite Mobile App and App directory features. The Mobile App has the basic features of posting and composing which makes it easy for you to use it when you are traveling.

The second chapter, “Advanced Uses of Hootsuite” gives you more in-depth knowledge about this tool. Though at times repetitive, the video content still makes for a good source of information. The chapter also offers lessons on advanced publishing techniques such as the bulk composer where you can upload a maximum of 350 messages to one social media platform.

You also learn about advanced engagement techniques like geo-targeting & advanced Hootsuite Analytics functionality.

If you use software products like Google Drive, Salesforce, Marketo, Brandwatch, ZeroFOX, and Talkwalker, then Hootsuite allows you to integrate all these with the dashboard to make your working system time-saving and efficient.

The final stage is taking the exam. The exam essentials are:



Once you successfully complete the exam, you’re added to the Certified Professionals Directory and get a Hootsuite badge as an added perk.

So, Is it worth taking the Hootsuite Platform Certification?

If you struggle with Hootsuite functionality and find it difficult to understand all the features, then do take the certification. It is basic and easy to understand. Though I have not been approached myself, I have come across a few friends who were approached in the Certified Professionals Directory.

Special thanks to Hootsuite and BCIT for gifting me a coupon for the Hootsuite Platform Certification exam.


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