Last Updated: May, 2019
by David King

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“Asking your customers how they feel instead of how satisfied they are will trigger candid, significant feedback, not platitudes.”

This statement seems true in the real business.

If you are not making your customers happy, then you are not here to stay in the business for long.

To make sure this does not happen, we need to make efforts and look for opportunities to benefit from what we already have.

Though there are significant costs involved in finding new clients, still it’s worth spending time on.

There can also be the possibility that your loyal customers may pass on all the good news to further prospects!

This great idea will benefit you by lowering the marketing cost per customer and improving revenue.

What APPROACH should we follow?

Remember, the only way to retain the customers is to understand what they are looking for in your company. Even if you have an idea about what your customers’ needs are, you will need some method to capture details to make sure that you can deliver the best. Essentially, you need to gather sales information from your clients to determine your sales approach. And, it is really important for you to understand that success is an ongoing process which is gained at a slow and methodical pace. It is not an immediate transformation.

How do you Implement this?

Customer Retention is the key to business success.
Custom Relationship building blocks

It is important for you to understand that your sole target is not selling your products or services. All your departments such as Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations and Customer Service may have a separate solution to offer to your customers’ problems and needs.  But, this is not what we are looking for. We have to make sure to provide a single and unified view to the customer. Most of the times, Sales people are unaware of what has been traded, followed by it are the service people who miss the information about the account status and so on. This is definitely not helpful!

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