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We did it—we made it through 2020 relatively unscathed. And we managed to put out some of our top-performing and most helpful blogs, too!

With everyone staying inside for months on end, many of us shifted our focus to self-improvement. And for us business-minded people, we pivoted and made the best with what we had, while learning new skills that will help us get closer to that brighter future we’re all aiming for! We’ve always aspired to help companies with our business growth blogs—to increase their productivity, performance, sales, and job satisfaction, too. And despite the awful mess that was 2020, we managed to pull it off. So without further ado, here are our top blogs of 2020!


Virtual Meetings

Top 10 Tips for Successful Virtual Meetings 

2020 was all about Zoom! And if you wanted to stay on top of your game (and keep your team in the loop), learning how to hold successful virtual meetings was a must. But don’t expect this style of meeting to go away anytime soon, because statistics show that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we work forever. So welcome, Zoom! Take off your hat and stay awhile…



Hottest Digital Marketing Trends.

Your Guide to the Hottest Digital Marketing Trends of 2020

The year saw major changes in the marketing world even before the pandemic hit hard in March. Notably, shoppable posts, AR-integration, chatbots, stories, and influencers rounded out 2020’s biggest shifts.


Best Social Media Posting Sizes

Best Social Media Image Posting Sizes

If you’re anything like everyone else on the planet, keeping up with optimal image posting sizes for each social media platform you use is the last thing you want to do. This top-performing blog post helped businesses figure it out in 2020—stress free! 



15 Biggest Company Logo Changes + Brand Evolutions

15 Biggest Company Logo Changes & Brand Evolutions

This is one of our most-read blogs of all time! And we think it’s because people love a good before and after—who doesn’t? This blog is an interesting look at logo evolution, plus some behind the scenes insights


Diverse Marketing Strategies

How Diverse Are Your Marketing Efforts?

2020 will not only be known for the year we suffered through Covid-19, but also the year the world woke up to racial inequity. Companies stood up and took notice, and re-evaluated the way they’d been doing business. With this blog, we wanted to help business owners make necessary changes to ensure their marketing efforts were more inclusive.


Best Free and Paid Search Engine Optimization Tools

Best Free & Paid SEO Tools

These are our favourite SEO tools of 2020! We know many business owners can get easily overwhelmed by SEO, but it’s much easier than you think, and these tools will help you get a handle on it, well into 2021.


Why You Website Needs An FAQ Page

Why Having An FAQ Page Is Important For Your Business Website

If you’re like many business owners, you may wrongly think that an FAQ page is pretty unnecessary in this day and age. This blog, however, will tell you that it is of utmost importance to get one on your website now!


Thanks for reading! With 2021 now in full-swing, we’re working on new content to help you grow your business exponentially. Read the latest in our Beginner’s Guide series on Local SEO, and keep your eyes peeled for more great articles on our blog coming soon!

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