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Twitter is one of the greatest news and social networking apps available today.

It’s used currently by 321 million monthly users.

The Twitter platform is essentially microblogging conversations between multiple people connected by what they search and follow on their accounts.

Twitter communication is done the form of tweets, 280-character messages including pictures, videos, hashtags, and website links. Better the tweet, the greater the reach — meaning more awareness for you, your brand, and your company.

Top Business Benefits for Twitter

Drive Traffic To Your Webpage:

Tweet out exclusive offers or discount codes to gain a Twitter following and generate more traffic to your website. Furthermore, linking blogs, page, or videos

Increase Brand Awareness:

Twitter enables you to show what your brand really is.

Advertise to specific targeted groups of people already searching for similar items, products or services on the platform.

Promote Content:

Create unique posts that make your brand stand out against your competitors. Post Tweets with links directly to the blog, article, or video you’ve produced to increase their views.

Promote whatever you want, anything from a product you sell to a person you admire. There’s no limit to what a post can be.

Keep Up With The Latest Trends:

Socialize and extend your network with like-minded people. Communicate and join in group discussions about industry problems. Twitter is real-time communication, see things first from the people that matter to you.



How to create the perfect post for your audience

The perfect post contains an appealing image, concise copy and efficient + related hashtags.

Depending on the intention of the post, links to websites or blog pages can be included.

Appealing image:

Make sure the image you choose is right for your intended audience and appeals to the most people possible.

Have your image represent your brand in an intelligent positive manner.

Concise Copy:

Conciseness is key for Twitter; less copy is more in a tweet.

Always display your information as clear as possible with the least amount of words. Remember, have room for at least six hashtags, 70 characters, to extend your reach to a broad audience.

Efficient hashtags and web links:

Efficient hashtags ensure your post is seen by the most people possible.

The right hashtags you to your specific audience connecting you to people that are searching certain genre’s for specific products.

Why wouldn’t you use Twitter?

Tweeting is a great low-cost high reward way to expand your brand, advertise products, and share opinions.

If your company isn’t currently utilizing the free awareness and advertisement we suggest making an account today and start growing your customer following with Twitter.

If you’re hearing voices in your head like:

  • Too busy to use twitter.
  • Think it could great for your business but struggling to grow your audience.
  • Still don’t know where to start.

Give us a call and book a consultation, we will explain how we can help your business get on the track to social media growth and success.



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