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Do you understand your buyers? Can you empathize with them? Are you able to envision what would be a natural reaction  for them? And most importantly what is your customer’s WHY? 


“The WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that drives every one of us”, according to Simon Sinek, a well-known motivational speaker. The WHY is grounded in the tenets of a customer’s decision making. Knowing your customers “WHY”, allows you to capture their hearts and minds…and once you have their hearts, you have their attention because humans make decisions based on emotions. 

So how do we capture our customer’s hearts and become marketing superheroes?

The buyer’s journey consists of three stages; awareness, consideration and decision. 

BUT, almost 70% of the buyer’s journey takes place prior to you reaching them digitally and it takes about 4 touch points before you get a reaction (unless you lose them beforehand because you aren’t speaking their language). 

OK, got it…BUT HOW do I speak my buyer’s language? 

Create a Buyer Persona…

Answer questions like: 

  •     What is the demographic?
  •     What is their background?
  •     What are their goals?
  •     What motivates them?
  •     What are their pain points? 
  •     What are their expectations?
  •     What has their experience been with the solution or service that you are offering?
  •     How do they consume data? What social media channels do they follow?
  •     What devices do they own and use? 

Now that you know who you are speaking to…create content that matters to them and make sure to end with a call to action (CTA) that creates urgency and/or excitement for your audience.

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