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No matter what project you’re working on, having the right tools can make all the difference in your success rates.

After you find the best tools your project, you can then put all your focus on getting the most value out of each of the chosen tools.

This couldn’t be truer in regards to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO development is now growing rapidly in many core business strategies and their focus of importance.

Now with Google seemingly updating its algorithms every month, and ranking all websites for well over 200 key factors, its getting more difficult for many people.


In this guide, we’ve listed our top-ranked SEO tools, including free and paid options.

**We’ll be updating this regularly, so feel free to bookmark for the newest updates on SEO Tools**

You can also message us if we missed any of your favorite used tools, as we consider this an agile development open guide.

Since there are hundreds of tools out there, we’ll only list the SEO tools we’ve found the most helpful.


We’ve split the SEO tools into 4 main categories; each has a top 8 tools ranking:


1. Data Analysis & Rank Tracking SEO Tools

2. Keyword Research SEO Tools

3. Backlink & Content Building SEO Tools

4. Technical and On-Page SEO Tools



2020 Best Free & Paid SEO Tools - Marketing Agency White Rock - David King


Data Analysis & Rank Tracking SEO Tools:

  • Google Analytics – A free tracking tool that gives you detailed data on your website visitors and their actions on your site.
  • Google Search Console / Webmaster Tools – Helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your website.
  • SEMRush – Valuable keyword ranking tools with many different uses.
  • – Track thousands of keywords for many search engines.
  • Moz Pro Rank Tracker – Retrieves search engine ranks for pages and keywords.
  • SpyFu Rank Tracking – Keyword Tracker + Leading Competitor analysis tool.
  • SerpWatcher – Rank tracking tool built with a focus on ease-of-use.
  • Google Keyword Planner – Search for keyword data and forecasted results.


2020 Best Free & Paid SEO Tools - Local SEO Agency Vancouver Canada - David King


Backlink & Content Building SEO Tools:

  • Ahrefs backlink checker – Discover why your competitors get the ranking position they do, and learn how to increase yours.
  • BuzzSumo – Content data analysis reports for actionable insights.
  • Moz SEO toolbar – Google Chrome & Mozilla plugin for data research on the go.
  • Moz Link Explorer – Shows you link metrics for any website, including Page & Domain Authority.
  • Just Reach Out – Powerful PR tool. Can be expensive for a smaller business.
  • Guest Post Tracker – List of blogs that accept guest posts w/ free & paid options.
  • Ontolo – Link prospecting tool. Find prospects quicker with high-quality assessments.


2020 Best Free & Paid SEO Tools - David King Digital Marketing Flinnwest


Technical and OnPage Optimization SEO Tools:

  • Yoast SEO – WordPress website plugin. On-the-go SEO improvements & recommendations.
  • SEO Site Checkup – Complete website analysis tool including improvement suggestions.
  • Rank Math – WordPress website plugin. Designed for local and global SEO improvement.
  • Google Pagespeed Insights – Analyzes web page content, then generates suggestions that make pages faster.
  • Pingdom Website Speed Testing – Enter a URL to test page load time so this tool can analyze it.
  • Google Mobile-Friendly Website Testing – Test the usability of your web pages on mobile devices.
  • ImageOptim – Easy-to-use image optimization tool that reduces all your image file sizes.
  • Kraken – WordPress & SEO Plugin. Images are optimized automatically.


2020 Best Free & Paid SEO Tools - Website Marketing Best Local White Rock Vancouver


Keyword Research SEO Tools:

  • Google Keyword Planner Must-have Google Ads Account. Find the right keywords for your website pages and/or Google ads. Also includes a forecast tool option.
  • KWFinder – On-the-go keyword research tool for local and global needs.
  • SEMRush – Research and track keywords with free and paid tool options.
  • The Hoth Keyword Research Tool – Optimize your existing content on-page SEO.
  • Ahrefs Keyword Explorer – Discover thousands of great keywords to rank for, analyze their ranking difficulty, and calculate traffic potential.
  • Long Tail Pro – Helps find thousands of long-tail keywords you can rank for.
  • – Generates up to 750 keyword ideas from each term you enter.
  • Answer The Public – Fetches and maps keyword suggestions/predictions you’ll see when you perform a Google search.


Top SEO Tools 2020 - David King SEO Author Vancouver BC Canada



Additional Top Used Tools: (Best for specific functions)

  • Google My Business (Free) – Great for Local SEO.
  • UberSuggest (Paid & Free Versions) – Reverse engineer your competitors’ SEO, content marketing with keyword and social media marketing ideas.
  • LSI Graph – LSI Keyword Generator.
  • Whitespark – Citation and directory listing finder.


How do you choose the best SEO tools for you?

If they’re all new to you, we recommend trying out a couple in each category and learning which ones work best for you right now.

Many of the paid programs included have some type of free trial available, which is normally a great way to test their services rather quickly, including their customer support.

Depending on your needs (ex: features, user experience, aesthetics, KPI data, and/or reporting, etc…), each tool will vary, so it’s best to use one that has been reviewed.


If you find any of these tools generate you a positive return and ROI (regarding time or sales revenue),

keep using them and/or assign it to a specialist to manage moving forward.

Even if you discover one of the top-reviewed tools isn’t working for you right now, consider it for some time in the future; you never know where you’ll be then.

Before committing to any of these tools, make sure you also commit to learning and understanding the potential value they could bring for both your short and long term goals.

Most top companies do a great job of minimizing the initial learning experience while presenting their best value offerings, so test and try these tools out for their value potential before you make any final decisions.

If you found any of the tools helpful or would like to offer a suggestion for this SEO tool guide, please send us a message!


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