Our Story

Grady Flinn’s passion begins in 1982, with a Commodore Vic 20 and a passion for learning how to code. Over 30 years later the technology may have changed, but the desire for coding and design has stayed the same.

He has taken his years of coding, design and customer relations experience and is now growing a team of skilled problem-solvers, designed for creating valuable and rewarding solutions online. The team at FlinnWest Solutions is passionate about making your business and marketing solutions their goal.

“I believe our team will not only meet your expectations with what is achievable, but they will also exceed them.” -Grady Flinn.

Whether it be; Web or software design, digital advertising, social media, multimedia, email marketing, CRM, or any online situation that needs addressing, FlinnWest Solutions has the toolbox to make your problems their solution.

A company without a digital presence will not last long in business.

The FlinnWest Solutions team doesn’t just push the boundaries of digital marketing, it defines new ones.
We understand the importance of leading successful factors:
Data Research
User Experience
Brand Design and Messaging
Target Marketing
Customer Success
Let us help design a digital marketing strategy that will drive leads to your website and business.


A team of strategists, designers, engineers, writers, producers, code artists and filmmakers.

Our process

With any project we take on, we stand side by side with our client in understanding all their needs and goals. We always include the end customer or user and target market throughout any development process. After all challenges and goals are analyzed,  we then start customizing a best in-market and industry leading solution that will make the original goal and vision a successful reality.

Not only this, what really sets us apart is our exceptional customer care and transparent work culture which is included without saying on all projects. We are a one-stop shop for everything you need to grow a business.